Our standard controls are manufactured using our proprietary circuit boards manufacture in the United States.  The circuit boards have the built in logic and relational movement required for the application.  Our controls include the following list as a starting point for all of our welding automation.  It is more common that a machine is manufacture with some addition to the standard or in some cases a complete new control.

Vers-O-Weld Series 140:

Capable of X, Y, Z wire feeder and one additional axis of motion including rotational, oscillation, or drop carbide.


The Roll Arc 4000 is a specific control used in the roll arcing process related to sugar cane shredding. A circuit board based control includes a small controller for greater precision for step distance control.



The ROM control provides 3 axis of motion including liner torch, roll rotation and wire feed.  Available in a pendant version and without pendant.


The IOW control is typically a pendant based control and is limited to straight line motion control in two axis, either X/Y or X/Z in addition to the wire feed control.


In 2014 Mavrix introduced a PLC control with 12” color HMI for the operator interface. This highly flexible control allows an extremely large variety of machine configurations including any of the following axis motion. X, Y, Z, Wire Feed, Servo Oscillation, Spindle (headstock) Rotation, Water Cooler, Flux Vacuum, Flux Delivery & Exhaust. The part has an open naming convention allowing the user to store programs with any type of part naming convention.


Single Arm Vers-O-Weld:

The SAVOW control is a relay logic only control providing a single axis motion for stepping or striping. Typically used when a custom has a wire feeder and torch and only needs to control torch motion.


Drop Carbide:

The drop carbide control is used for the standalone vibratory drop carbide systems. When used with the optional current sensor the control is capable of automatically starting and stop with the flow of current in a hand held welding torch.


Servo Oscillator:

The servo oscillator uses a mini PLC and small HMI for programming the motion of our independent oscillation system. Photo shown is the oscillator control integrated with a Vers-O-Weld Control.

Custom Controls

Over the years Mavrix has designed and built numerous controls for customers wanting to build their own welding automation. & We also build combination controls integrated a standard circuit board system with other including servo oscillation, drop carbide or mechanical oscillation.  Examples include


Plate Overlay


6 Wire Feed Plate Control

Plate Overlay Control

Plate Overlay-Wire Feed Only


Wire Feeder 4 Roll

12 Torch Sub Arc
All Relay Logic

12 Head Main Control


Retrofit Using the Vers-O-Weld and Servo Oscillator Control

Oscillator Control

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