Mavrix manufactures flat shoe grounds for integration into our automation or available for sale as an accessory.

Flat Shoe

This ground shoe provides 7.5 square inches of contact area and is spring loaded to maintain contact with your part or part fixture.  Sold separately this shoe has been used in the automotive industry in robotic welding lines.  P/N 2-7671-8

        Flat Shoe Ground with MTG Bracket

Multiple Grounds

The photo below showsa project in which the customer wanted 6 grounds to pick up off the back of the chuck adapter. P/N 8064

        Multiple Grounds

Rotary & Stationary Grounds

We carry inventory of rotary & stationary grounds for integration into our machine designs and to have for immediate shipment as a spare part.

  • Rotary 500 Amp                      P/N 49-341
  • Rotary 800 Amp                      P/N 49-491
  • Rotary 1500 Amp                    P/N 49-426
  • Magnetic Stationary 500 Amp  P/N 49-568
  • Magnetic Rotary 500 Amp       P/N 49-455     

             Rotary Grounds

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