Mavrix has been custom engineering welding automation since 1986 and have products ranging from automating your hand gun to a 12 torch sub arc welding lathe. We design and manufacture weld automation for the metal build up, hardfacing and metal spray applications. Industries served include metal recycling, cement, power generation, rock crushing, sugar cane shredding, steel mill rolls and chocks, dredging, oil & gas, and agricultural.

Our products are modular in design and while we commonly refer to them by their trade names (i.e. Vers-O-Weld, Roll-O-Matic, etc.) the components can be mixed and matched to develop a customized system to meet your application needs.

Our approach is to starts with the part, process, operator and operational environment and develops a solution that will accomplish the customer’s objectives.  We integrate our accessories capabilities (tungsten carbide dispensing, Sub Arc, Oscillators) to have a complete single control capable of running the entire machine without bolted on controls that aren’t integrated.

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