The IMPACT‐O‐WELD 125 & 130 Series has eight different model variations for a variety of impactors. The 130 model includes a hand held pendant to allow the operator to stay close to the action.

  • X‐Y Axis dual motorized carriage assembly
  • Custom fit X‐Axis travel beam
  • Weld arm assembly
  • PA‐10, 4 Roll Wire Feeder
  • Adjustable Weld Nozzle – Single nozzle standard
  • IOW Control system with Pendant 130 model

This is a 2 torch system to reduce the welding time. It also has a powered Z axis for remote torch height adjustment.


This system was a small 1‐1/2” square steel beam to keep it light for ease of installation. A hole was required to route the wire feed cable using a 6 role wire feeder. Keeping the feeder out of the harsh environment improves the life of the feeder and reduces the time to set up. Simple drop legs were welded to the impactor and left for future resurfacing.

Impact_3 Impact_4

This system was built as a cantilever system and reached into the impactor. The torch was mounted on a powered axis to allow for adjustment of the torch remotely and to perform step over welding for the impactor impellers.

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