MAVRIX Welding Automation originated from the Teledyne McKay Company who created the foundation of the products back in the 1950’s. The early history of the company involved the design and manufacture of special machines for weld build-up and hard-facing of earth moving, undercarriage equipment and steel mill rolls.
MAVRIX purchased the assets of the Automatic Welding Division of Teledyne McKay in 1986. For the first 20 years the company focused on products that were portable, reliable and easy to use. MAVRIX also custom developed machines for special purpose weld fabrication including sub-arc welding of rail tank car internal girths with precision level control and have also supplied a number of integrated systems including metal spraying systems. The product designs are modular in nature and are grouped into typical product families that can be mixed and matched in many cases.
In May of 2009 the company was sold and continued to operate as a welding automation company. In 2010 a slight change in our DBA name from Mavrix Automatic Welding to Mavrix Welding Automation was completed to better depict the products we design and manufacture.
While still providing the popular portable welding automation Mavrix has invested in development of large scale welding lathes, Sub Arc processes, PLC controls and numerous other accessories requested by our customers. Our relocation of the business in 2013 allowed us to have 40% more manufacturing space to handle the demands of multiple machine builds and large scale equipment.
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